nycc 2013 - whovian cosplay - clara oswald / rings of akhaten (part 2)

You didn't really think I forgot about this, did you?  Here is the real reason I've been MIA for so long.  I decided upon 3 different cosplays thus year -  one for each day.  A truly monumental task - especially for me, the person who really is a beginner at sewing.

But here we go . . let's start with Clara's ensemble for The Rings of Akhaten.

The fabric I picked was a very light weight remnant of a fabric that was no longer going to be sold at JoAnn's Fabrics.  My apologies I no longer have any information on it. I believe it was a polyester blend of sorts.  The color was really a light bluish-grey - which does not show up as well in these photos.

The pattern I mentioned in my previous post was used and I cut the fabric for the longest length of the skirt, so I could modify it for a high/low hem.

The collar, I incorrectly made black - as I saw an alternate dress for sale that had it in black.  I just need to go and make another collar in the actual fabric color.

PLEASE NOTE:  a very lovely person on Spoonflower has designed some fabric with the geometric pattern features on this dress.

She also has some lovely other Whovian related fabrics.  

Make sure to check out her profile on Spoonflower, all of you who sew!

  Here is the link I used to modify the high/ low hem: 

I used this Dylon Ocean blue fabric dye to darken the dress.  

 I also (since I am still not very good at making button holes) decided to fasten the dress shut with snaps and then sewed buttons on top of them to give the illusion of that type of closure.

Here is the dress after the dye job.


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