nycc 2013 - whovian cosplay - clara oswald / rings of akhaten (part 4)

With the dress, there came the black denim motorcycle style jacket.  

The pattern I used for the jacket was the one I mentioned in part one of this series of posts.

It's not screen accurate, but it will have to do, until I can find another pattern that I like better.

These one seems good:

I've never made a jacket before.  But I think it turned out better than expected.  Though the sleeves were the toughest for me ( as sleeves seem to be), especially because these were gathered.  

I didn't particularly like the result.  The tops of the sleeves were a bit too puffy for my taste.  I'm not sure, but it might have been the way I sewed them in.

I believe I also took in the sleeves to taper them down towards the wrist.

I think I may have to revisit this jacket soon, after my machine is looked at.

Note, of course AFTER I completed the jacket, I was able to find a pre-made alternate at Target.  
Isn't that always the way.

There were a few more on the site, so scan the women's blazers and jackets section to see if anything strikes your fancy.


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