remember me . . .catch up and some photo coasters

It has been a lengthy time since I’ve updated the blog -  but I’ve had reason to!  I’ve been very busy!  So here comes a few blog updates of some of my crafty projects that have kept me going these past few months that I've neglected to share here..

I don't believe I've posted any of these photos yet. 

Earlier this year (*cough* Mother's Day *cough*), I was determined to give handmade gifts from my daughter to her grandmothers.  

I discovered this lovely tutorial on Pinterest which told me how to do it.
So after making some color copies, and smelling like nail polish remover for an afternoon, here are the results:

Now some of the transfers were not as clean as some others.  But, to be honest, I didn't mind it, because it gave the photos this vintage sort of look.


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