Before I get back to all my NYCC2013 cosplay breakdowns ( yes I have a few more) -  thought I'd share a few pics of my christmas craft insanity.

Basically most of the "kids" in the family are no longer kids -  all teens or pre-teens who are quite happy with a gift card as an Xmas gift.  Of course that does make things easy when it comes to shopping, but of course, wanting to find some crafty aspect - because, well, because I'm a sucker for punishment and of course I need to fill my life with more things to do!

Since the family matriarch ( Great Grandma Spina) moved to Florida recently, and would not be at Xmas this year, I was determined to carry on her tradition of giving a little knitted something or other to the family.  She is probably the smart one and starts a the beginning of the year to do this -  explaining why she gets so many items done by Xmas.  I of course made this decision at the beginning of December.

Since I still consider myself a very remedial knitter -  I went for the easiest thing I could put together: scarves.

Here are some of my results.  (You'll note that Sexy and my Clara/Snowmen cosplay is helping with the modeling.)  These aren't all of the scarves I finished, but you get the gist.

Now these two below I ended up stitching the ends together to make them as infinity scarves.


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