nycc 2013 - whovian cosplay - clara oswald / rings of akhaten (part 5)

The rest of the details . . . .

I opted to use a pair of black ankle boots I already owned.  Again, not screen accurate, but it was more cost efficient for me to reuse them.

Clara's necklace  which she wore in a couple of episodes . . 

Here was the alt I purchased from Forever 21.  I don't think it's available anymore!

I took an oil based black Sharpie pen and colored my blue stone in to match Clara's.

Clara's 101 Places to See book.

I purchased a fat quarter and mod podged it to a blank book.  

My book, unfortunately was a bit big -  and very heavy to carry around all day.  I think I'll use this as a personal journal and find a slightly lighter and smaller book for the next go around.

The red leaf I purchased at a craft store in the fall, in a packet of assorted fabric fall leaves.

The wig

 I know it isn't in Jenna's actual hair color, but if I was going to purchase a wig to reuse -  I was damned if I wasn't going to pick one that I could use again for other things -  so I opted for a color close to my natural hair color that I could style more like Jenna's hair.  Perhaps next time I'll just grow mine out.  This wig seemed a bit too full after I had it on.  It will be good for other things down the road, but maybe not this cosplay.


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