nycc 2013- whovian cosplay - clara oswald - the snowmen - part 2

After wrestling my dress form into my corset (which was a hilarious ordeal in and of itself),
I began first with the taffeta which I initially meant to be the overskirt.

Eventually this became the petticoat.

This was the pattern I used.

The main body of the skirt, gathered at the waist and pinned directly to the dress form and corset.

Pleating was a challenge.  Much measuring, pinning and ironing was done.
But the taffeta took the pleats very well, I must say.    That part I was very pleased about.

As you could see, I added two layers of these pleats for the petticoat.

Here are the two layers of pleating.  

Looking back, I think I could have spaced the two layers of pleats a bit wider apart. 

This, besides the color when compared to the bodice fabric was one of the leading factors to me deciding to make this a petticoat.

Here is a fascinating article from Historical Sewing regarding calculating ruffles for height differences.  Alas, posted after NYCC2013.  I think I could have used this.

Also, I think I may want to invest in one of those pleater contraptions for any future pleating jobs.

And with the finished waistband.


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