halloween 2013 - pumpkin costume

Taking a small break from the NYCC cosplay rundown, I thought I'd share a few photos of my daughter's Halloween costume from last year.

At the last minute, as I was in the midst of sewing like a fiend for NYCC 2013, my little one announced that she wanted to be a pumpkin for Halloween.

This of course was after she wanted to be Mary Poppins, then the little girl from Mary Poppins, and then a police officer.

It was very similar to her giraffe costume which I made the year prior.  And it was just as easy to make.

Here is the finished costume.

My favorite part is the pumpkin hat!  

I seriously need to think about making myself one for next year.  

It was so cute!

And here is little miss at the Halloween costume parade at her school.


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