harry potter geek-crafting for the make a wish foundation

Attention: Crafters/Artists, Harry Potter Fans and Geeks!

Want to help out the Make A Wish Foundation and a little HP fan going through cancer treatment in Seattle?

The Harry Potter Crafts group I am part of and have crafted for in the past has been contacted by The Make A Wish foundation on behalf of a little girl in Seattle.  They asked if we could make some Harry Potter themed items to cheer the little girl up as she goes through her chemo treatments.  Want to help?  Or know someone who might want to make something for her?

We were also asked to make a few items for her little sister so she does not feel left out.

One member of the craft group has even agreed to go dressed in HP cosplay to deliver the items.

Come join the group to sign up  and make something for Samantha!


Here is more info I received from the person who runs the craft group:

Make-A-Wish... We're crafting for Samantha!
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Hi everyone!

I heard back from Taylor and it's a go! We're making this happen! Just a recap for those who are just joining in on the conversation now... About a month ago, I started talking with a lady named Taylor who is a wish granter for Make-A-Wish Foundation. There is a little girl who is undergoing cancer treatments who will have her wish of visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter granted, but in the meantime, they wanted to give her little HP gifts. She contacted a former member of HPC, who contacted me because she can't craft what Taylor had requested anymore. I asked the group to see if people were willing to jump in and make this happen, and heard nothing but positive comments, so I contacted Taylor again.

Here are the infos I have so far:

The girl's name is Samantha
She's in 3rd grade (so that makes her what? 8? 9?)
She's undergoing cancer treatments at Seattle Childrens Hospital
She lives roughly 2 hours south of Seattle
She's a Gryffindor... I'm a Ravenclaw/Slytherin, but in this case, I say ggggoooo Gryffindors!
She's going to visit WWoHP around Halloween time, but she has to finish her treatments firts.
She's a huge fan who has read the books 4 times EACH
She's intelligent (I think the previous bullet covered that already!)
She plays soccer
Her favourite character is Hermione
Her favourite movie is Half-Blood Prince
Her favourite book is Deathly Hallows

Taylor says she can provide anyone with an "in-kind" receipt from Make-A-Wish. She also mentions that if anyone has specific questions, to let her know and she will ask. Now as far as organization goes, Taylor says she doesn't have anything specific set up to receive donations, so she gave me her home address. Dianne, did you still want to go deliver in full HP garb? If so, maybe we can ship to your address? Also, since she lives south of Seattle, would you be willing to travel that distance? Or maybe I can ask if you can go directly to the hospital? Let me know!

I'll set up a poll for this, just like we always do for swaps. Is a month enough of a crafting time before shipping? I want to give everyone ample crafting time. Oh! And since this doesn't have to be kept secret like regular swaps, how about we share what we're making, our progress, etc. here? I know it would get me even more hyper!

I'm so happy and honoured and ecstatic that this is happening!

Owner of Harry Potter Crafts

On Thursday, April 10, 2014 1:24 PM, Josée Leblanc <josee_s_house@...> wrote:

Thank you Janet!

I heard back from Taylor, who I've wrongly thought was a woman. Oops! He is thrilled with everyone's participation so far! He mentioned that Samantha has a 7 YO younger sister named Jasmine, who is mildly interested in HP but is getting into it because of her sister's wish. He said that all the family shaved their heads to show support for Samantha... I find that beautiful and amazing.

But back to Jasmine, he mentioned it would be nice if some of the crafts could be addressed to her, just so she doesn't feel completely left out.

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