nycc 2013- whovian cosplay - clara oswald - the snowmen - part 4

Ready for more?  Let's tackle that apron and bustle!

Here is the pattern I used.

The apron draped and pinned onto the dress form.  (side view)

(Apron - front view)

The bustle  added to the mix - pinned to the dress form -  various views.

Let's break down that bustle, shall we?  

I followed the pattern when cutting the out the pieces to sew, but when it came to assembly and tying up the bustle, here is where I veered slightly from the instructions.

This video from Jennifer Rosburgh really helped me understand  bustle construction.

More helpful photos of the bustle she is working on can be found here: 

Here is the my bustle, laid out  and spread inside out.

As Jennifer had done, here with the twill tape  laid flat against the bustle
( I used Grosgrain ribbon because it's what I had in the house)

Instead of one whole piece of ribbon for each strip, I instead opted to stitch 2 pieces together, so that I could tie up each bustle section separately and could disassemble the bustle for ease of transporting to and from the con.

Here you can see the top portion of the bustle tied up ( without the grosgrain)

Full bustle tied without grosgrain ribbon inserts.

Don't know if it's easy to see from this picture how the grosgrain ribbon sections slip in between the bustle sections.

Below the far left: bustle section fully tied up

Middle: bustle tied without the grosgrain ribbon

Far right: bustle section completely untied

Here the entire bustle is tied up.  
You can see that I stitched it to one end of the apron.

And the finished bustle and apron combo with the waistband.


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