nycc 2013- whovian cosplay - clara oswald - the snowmen - part 5

Nearing the end stretch!  Still with me?

For the bodice of Clara's barmaid outfit, I actually took the bodice of this dress on the right and the sleeves from the dress pattern on the left.

 This was the most difficult part, at least for me, so I did a muslin mockup first.

You may notice that I cut the front panel of the bodice bigger than the pattern intended so I could have it overlap for the front closure.

This was also the first time I'd ever worked with boning before.  
That was interesting -  a little challenging.

I had opted for the plastic featherlite boning that came pre covered.  I was able to sew this directly onto my bodice without having to create any channels.

Here are some helpful boning web pages/blogs that I've recently discovered ( after my cosplay construction, of course!): 

Here is the bodice with the sleeves pinned on:

Since I still am not a person used to making buttonholes, I cheated and cut the front panel of the bodice wider, so it could overlap.  I hid a zipper inside, using buttons sewn on the front just for show  and snaps to hold the excess fabric edges closed.

Note: If I re-make this bodice, I must remember to cut extra length for the bottom.  

Originally the bottom edge of the bodice is hidden with a skirt when the entire original pattern is made.  

I decided to take some bias tape and fold it over over and hand sew this over the raw edge.

I also used the selvedge ( is that the right term?) from the fabric as the edging for the sleeves and neckline of the bodice to save some money.  I layered some bias tape with it and machine sewed it on.  More of the bias tape peeked out when I sewed the selvedge onto the neckline.

All in all, not a bad effect.  However,  it is another piece I think I need to re-do – perhaps some single fold bias tape, instead of double fold tape. I think that will prevent the edge of the bias tape from becoming untucked.

I think also, something else I will consider on putting on the bodice, and perhaps the skirt -  are waist tapes.  I found throughout the day, both shifted and I had to constantly fix them.

More on waist tapes and their uses here: 

Here are various views of the finished dress.

I believe I need to also take in the bodice considerably ( I've lost a bit of weight since I first constructed this).  I also need to resew the buttons more center.  I was sleepy and sewing late the night before!  Yikes!

More to come!


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