nycc 2013- whovian cosplay - clara oswald - the snowmen - part 6 (the end!)

Here is the final push.  Last blog post on this cosplay.

Some accessories to talk about.

Clara's red shawl

I was able to find some nifty person on who made this for her daughter's cosplay. 

I made an attempt to make it, and even had to enlist a friend who is a faster knitter than I am to help me.  

But after I was done, I felt that the yarn I selected was too heavy.  It would be great for wearing the dress outside in the winter or late fall, but for inside a body packed convention hall, it was too bulky and not practical.  I couldn't tie it around my waist with ease.  

I then opted to purchased a pashminka ( you know those $8 fake pashmina shawls you get on the streets of NYC) in a complimentary color and use that.  

But still I ended up throwing it in my bag.

Perhaps down the line, I'll try making the shawl again with a much lighter weight yarn.

The wig

The wig I ended up with.

Don't shoot me, cosplayers.  

I know my wig is more black and Clara's hair is brown.  

But the color suited me better, and I knew I could re-use it again of other projects I have coming down the pike.
I purchased a wavy shoulder length wig and some hair extensions that matched.   

First I pinned the sides up . 

Then, I purchased a hair bun donut  . . 

cut some of the extensions and wrapped them around the donut to make a faux bun.

This bun I sewed onto the wig.  I also used a couple of the extensions to fill out the sides and create some braids to wrap around the bun.

The earrings

Clara has those very delicate earrings.  I couldn't  find a ready made alt, so I used a pair of vintage earrings I had in my own collection for the time being.

The bag

I wanted to find a bag much like Clara's brown leather case she took into the coach with her where she changed her outfits from bar maid to governess.  But I couldn't get one with the budget I was on.

I did end up using a reddish bag ( modern) that I found at GoodWill, just so I could carry things around in.  I'll have to dig it out of storage and take a photo.

But here are a couple some folks might want to get:

That one isn't really screen accurate, but it does have a nice vintage feel and the red does go nicely with the barmaid outfit.

Or  perhaps this one?  

This is closer to the screen version one, though I suspect it is much smaller.

The shoes (repurposed)

I reused my good ole black flat lace up boots.  My skirt was longer than the screen version -  and I knew I'd be on my feet all day and wanted something comfy.

But, if you all are looking for some more screen accurate alternates . . here ya go.

Here’s a more screen accurate alt for Clara’s boots for her red dress “The Snowmen”

Here’s another one too :

And a couple of the photos of the final cosplay. 

This was fun!  I hope to ( when I get more money) tackle more of Clara's historical outfits in the future.


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