make a wish - geekcrafting for samantha - hermione granger's beaded bag (part 3 - plotting the drawstring and bottom of bag)

After my first round of embroidery, I decided to tackle the placement of the drawstring  (as well as the bottom of the bag) before I started doing any of the beading.)

I decided upon having the drawstring channel about 2 inches or so down from the opening of the bag.

A friend suggested that I use my sewing machine to make a basting stitch as a guideline for the top and bottom of my drawstring channel.

Fabulous idea, but alas!  My machine couldn't really do it -  so a handsewn task it was!

I first mocked up a number of circles and once I found the sizes that I was happy with, I pinned them in their appropriate areas.

(You can see the smallest circle for the bottom of the bag underneath the larger circle I used as a template.)

Once my larger circle was in place I hand basted around the circumference -  thereby marking the bottom of my drawstring channel.

I removed the larger circle and then pinned the cord I had chosen right above the basting stitch.

I then basted another row of stitches above the cord.

I repeated this once again: I pinned the cord above the basting stitch I just had sewn and basted another row above that pinned cord.

Knowing that I planned to have two lengths of cords ( initially two drawstrings) in this channel,  I wanted to make sure there would be ample room to accommodate them.

Of course, there probably is an easier way of doing this - but I didn't want to mess up with any measuring calculations, so this seemed easier for me.

***Note: I found the cord in the home fabrics section of JoAnn's.  There was a section of trims and the cord was purchased there.  I matched my blue embroidery thread to the shade closest to this cord.

Once the drawstring channel was set, I went about hand basting a stitch around the circle template I pinned down for the bottom of the bag.

Here are the finished basting stitches.

In my mind, I did not want to bead on top of the drawstring channel, in the event that continual use of the bag (opening and closing) might wear away the threads holding the beads on.

Also, I felt that I needed to see where everything would eventually end up, so I could stop beading a little above and below my guidelines, in order to give the foot on my sewing machine enough space to clear when sewing the bag together.

Make sense?

If you want to read more on construction of Hermione's beaded bag, you can click here.

More to come!


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