international day - japan

 My daughter's pre-k class had International days at their school last year.  Parents were invited to come in and talk about their country of origins. 

Since my mother was going to come in to talk about the Philippines ( our heritage), I wanted to come in to talk myself about something.

I opted to do a show and tell about Japan since I love the country so much and own a great deal of Japanese items ( as well as loving their food and art).

I unfortunately don't have photos of the items I brought. 

But we talked about a number of topics :

islands / continents and Japan as an island country and part of Asia

paper parasol/oiled paper umbrellas
tabi  (japanese socks)
fans ( use for traditional dance/ martial arts)

Japanese martial arts 
wooden samurai sword

lucky cat (maneki-neko)
asian dragons in comparison to european dragons

listened to traditional music

hello kitty

type of Japanese diet ( rice, beans, fish)
sushi/ how they make it
seaweed (nori) and how the japanese use it
bamboo rolling mat
bamboo rice paddle
eating with chopsticks (practiced how to use them)
tea leaves (sencha & genmai-cha and other green tea leaves)
matcha ( green tea powder used for the tea ceremony)
japanese tea ceremony
tetsubin ( iron pot used to boil water for tea)
tea cups/ tea bowl
japanese tea canisters
tea whisk
various japanese noodles ( ramen, udon, soba)

read The Paper Crane by Molly Bang

Japanese greeting/ bowing/ respect

I made a few crafts for the day:

They colored their own paper fans.

I also found a pattern online for an adorable felt sushi set.  The patterns can be found here.

I'll post more pics of the sushi set.  It's an ongoing project as I add a piece here and there.

But here are a few of the makizushi I made.  So adorable! 

Then, my favorite part - at snack time the children tried a plethora of snacks.  I was quite proud that they tried more of it than I thought they would.

During snack time they tried the following:

Nori (seaweed)
Edamame ( boiled soybeans)
2 types of rice crackers
meisaku ( sweet cakes made with bean paste)
miso soup
orange mikan jelly
2 types of ramune drinks ( peach and mango flavored)
mochi ( rice cake)

 After snack, we read The Paper Crane by Molly Bang  

This was  a favorite book of mine when I was younger.  

It was introduced to me on the television show Reading Rainbow  (also see here
and got me into an origami kick.

and I gave each child an origami crane I folded.

I was a full day but fun for everyone!


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