make a wish - geekcrafting for samantha - hermione granger's beaded bag (part 4 - beading)

Still with me?    

So sorry for my delay in blogging.  We are going crazy at home - new school for the wee one, trying to sell the house, find a new one to buy . . keeping the place clean for showings.  It's a chaotic time here!

But, we can take a breather and take a look at all of the beading!

Here  is a copy of my beading notes.  

Again, I was using the review of the Noble Collection bag to determine the placement of the beads.

Here are the beads I selected to use.  

Primarily for the body of the bag I used a small glass bead which had a grey/blue/purple iridescence depending on how the light would shine on them.  

The other beads (the irregular shaped black beads and the yellowish bead mix )I used for the tassle.

I  did all of this beading by hand.  

You might be able to tell by the picture below that I  made sure not to bead over the basting stitches I had laid out for my drawstring channel and the circle I had marked out for the bag's base.  

I was trying to anticipate how I could use my machine to sew both areas, and did not want any beads to interfere with the my sewing machine foot.

 I can breakdown the beading pattern like this:

 - On the blue chain stitch (seams): Every two stitches, sew on a bead on the 2nd stitch.  Alternate which side of the stitch/loop you place your bead.

 - On the peach chain stitch (in the center satin sections): Count every three stitches, sew on a bead on the third stitch.  As above, alternate the sides of the stitch/loop for your bead placement.

 - On the feather stitch: No set pattern here, just sew the beads on the tips of the stitches - so they appear as if they are flowers blooming on a vine.  I just made the choice not to sew beads on every stitch, I tried to give it a little breathing room.

     Thanks for being patient!  More posts to come!   Read more about this project by clicking here.


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