make a wish - geekcrafting for samantha - hermione granger's beaded bag (part 5 - bottom of the bag & even more embroidery!)

I know I will finish all of these blog posts eventually.  My kingdom for a time turner.

Let's talk about the bottom of the bag.

I was debating as to how stiff I should make that base.

 After looking at more photos I decided that I wanted my bag to be somewhat pliable, but still a wee bit firm -  not completely rigid.

Once I decided how large of a circle I wanted, ( making sure I added enough to account for a seam allowance.  It might have been about 1/4"), I cut two circles in the dark purple satin.

I then also cut a circle of stiff interfacing the same size.

I attached the interfacing to the wrong side of one of the satin circles.

I then sewed both satin circles together with the wrong sides facing out, making sure to leave an opening so as to turn the circle inside out.

*** Remember to clip your curves!  I completely spaced out and forgot to do this, so my circle was a little wonky when I turned it inside out.

Turn the circle inside out and then hand sew the opening shut.

I then I machine sewed the base to the bottom of the bag.

To cover the edge, I hand-embroidered in a chain stitch with my blue embroidery thread around the circumference of the base.

I repeated the same beading pattern I used on the blue chain stitch seams:

Every two stitches, sew on a bead on the 2nd stitch.
Alternate which side of the stitch/loop you place your bead.

If you prefer to have a firmer base for your bag, you could always double up on the interfacing or use a stiffer type.
Or you could also cut a plastic canvas circle to use instead of interfacing.

Here is a link on how to make a circle bottom of a bag. 

Now this won't exactly work for how I made my bag, but if you  modified the first steps while you sewed the body of the bag and  before you start the embroidery, it could possibly work.


Now, as you may be able to see from the picture I posted above that there is a wee bit of shiny embroidery I added to the bag. 

After I finished what I thought was the beading and the embroidery, I went to double check the video review of the Noble Collection's bag.

It appears that I had indeed missed another type of embroidery.  The bag had some stitching in what appeared to be a black/gold metallic thread.
At first I started searching for DMC metallic embroidery floss in ebony black and gold.  But the two stores close to me were out.

Instead I opted for these threads. 

Gutermann metallic thread 9990 (Gold)
Gutermann metallic thread 1000 (Black)

Since they were not as thick as embroidery floss, I decided to use multiple strands as I hand embroidered the following patterns.

 -  On either side of the peach chain stitch: a running stitch

  - On the tips of the blue feather stitch that were not beaded, I attempted to make French knots
( I really didn't do them well, so early on, I gave up and just made regular knots

 -  On the blue chain stitch, I did a small horizontal stitch through the loop in every other chain link.

Hope these photos help!

And we are not done yet!  Still more to come!


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