frozen birthday party favors

So, whose child here likes the movie Frozen?

Mine, mine, mine!!!!!

So it really shouldn't have surprised me when she decided one week before her birthday party that she wanted it to be Frozen themed.

So a-crafting I went at full speed.

Since the location of where we had the birthday party was covering the Frozen paper goods, I focused on the favor bags for the kids.

Elsa's crown and Sven's reindeer antlers seemed a good  mix for the boys and girls to have.

Here are the links to both patterns: 

Elsa's crown

 Sven's antlers

I opted to make both out of craft foam sheets.  

For the crown, I used a gold glittery sheet for the base.  For the jewel, I cut the shape out of a white glittery one and painted it over with blue glitter glue and metallic blue paint. Once dry, I simply used  hot glue to attach it to the crown base.

For the antlers, I chose a plain sheet of brown craft foam

After tracing and cutting out the pattern,  I used my daughter as a guide and measured some elastic to secure to the antlers and crown.

Since there were many little girls in attendance, I opted to make them snowflake wands.  

I went to the dollar store, and thankfully there were some cheap snowflake ornaments out on the shelves.  These were already spray painted silver and covered in glitter.

I took them home and gave them all a good coating of a clear acrylic spray to make sure that glitter stayed on really well.

While those dried, I took some wooden dowels and wrapped a wide blue satin ribbon around them.  Over that I wrapped some silver rick rack I had on hand.  
Once that ran out, I substituted with a thin metallic silver ribbon.

I then took 3 different ribbons which matched the color scheme: blue, sparkly white and a blue printed with snowflakes.  I cut them to a length I liked, and folded them in half,  and hand sewed them to stay in a v-shape.

I then hot-glued the ribbons to the back of the wand.

For the front of the wand I took round rhinestones in varying sizes and shades of blue and white and used them to embellish the snowflake.

I also added a rhinestone at the base of the wand.

To hide the mess of hot glue on the back, I took a small length of light blue tulle and gathered it into a small pouf.  I hand sewed that and glued it over everything behind the snowflake

For the favor bags, I made some snow related tags. 

 Purchased a snowflake punch from one of my craft stores.

I used some metallic blue and white scrapbook paper to make the snowflakes and glued them on to blank tags with a little stick-on rhinestone embellishment.

Here is a finished bag!


Some snowflake stickers

Two Entemanns powdered mini donuts.  
Labeled : "Edible snowballs"

For the few boys who came to the party ( who were not into Frozen as much as the girls were), I subsituted the wands with Superhero coloring packs and the bubbles with superhero bubbles.  
I was also able to locate Olaf ( the snowman) cups so they did not have to have the pink and purple ones with Elsa and Anna on them!


  1. Stunning party décor!! I just love everything that you featured here. I am planning to host such a cute party on my daughter’s birthday. Thanks for these ideas. Can you please suggest some party places Miami for this party?

    1. My apologies for the late reply - have had my hands full these past few months with a new baby then packing and moving house. Thank you for your compliments. Unfortunately I am not familiar with Miami area, so I am unable to suggest any party places for you. I hope your daughter has a lovely birthday party!


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