make a wish - geekcrafting for samantha - hermione granger's beaded bag (part 6 - tassel)

We are in the home stretch!

Now to make that beaded tassel.

Again, as a reminder, here are the types of beads I used.

My initial thought was to:

2.) cover a large wooden bead with batting

3.) cover that bead with an embroidered fabric

4.) Thread the tassel through the bead

5.) sew the  whole thing through the bottom of the bag

I did attempt this, but was not pleased at all with my results.

So instead, I opted to make an extra long tassel.

Instead of having one head for the tassel, I created two, tying it off so a second one was created under the first.

I then added batting around the first head to make it rounder and fuller.

I added a wee bit less batting around the second head to make it rounder as well.

I then took the two small rectangles I embroidered and beaded ( see my pattern in the photo above.) and sewed them around the heads.

After that, I created my own beading pattern for the lower part of the tassel.  

Basically, if you can't understand my chicken scratch above, here is my pattern:

( all beads are round unless noted otherwise)

4 grey beads
1 light yellow bead
1 FLAT black bead
1 light yellow bead
2 grey beads
1 dark yellow bead
1 FLAT brown bead
1 dark yellow bead
1 grey bead
2 light yellow beads
1 FLAT black bead
knot the end of the string

You may be able to tell that I did not bead the entire thing.  I felt it would become to heavy for Stephanie to carry around.  Instead, I decided to bead just the outer layer of the tassel.

I then sewed it through the bottom of my bag.

Finally I decided to add a couple rows of the grey transparent beads at the point where the tassel meets the bag, between the two tassel heads and finally at the base of the second tassel head.

Here are pics of the finished tassel.

We are really getting close to the end now!  Be patient! 


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