make a wish - geekcrafting for samantha - hermione granger's beaded bag (part 7 - inner lining, drawstring and opening of bag)

Almost done!   Can you believe it?

Inner lining of bag

I unfortunately did not have enough satin in one shade of purple to make my inner lining.  I then opted to use the purple velvet I had left for my lining.

Because of the scraps I had left, I ended up making two half circles and sewing them together.
Then with the wrong sides of the bag and lining facing each other, I sewed it together, leaving an opening.

I turned the bag inside out and hand-sewed the opening shut.


Drawstring channel

I made sure my bag was nice and flat.

Then I pinned the two sides together on either side of the drawstring channel I had marked out with the basting stitches.

I didn't want the fabric shifting as I used my machine and sewed along the basting stitches.

I then painstakingly picked out all of that basting.


Opening of the drawstring

Now VERY carefully, I cut 2 openings through the outside layer only of the bag to create an opening to thread my drawstring through.

I made sure to keep the holes parallel to each other on either side of the bag.

Then I treated both of them like buttonholes and hand-sewed around them for reinforcement
I used the dark purple embroidery thread for this.

Here are some helpful links on hand sewing button holes.

After they were done, I cut two lengths cording for my drawstring.   I made sure that each length was just  few inches longer than the circumference of my bag, when laid out flat.

I whipped out my handy, dandy Dritz drawstring threader and pulled both drawstrings through the channel.  Then I knotted the ends of both of the drawstrings.


Drawstring Ends

After studying that Noble Collection video review of their bag, I saw that the knotted ends of the drawstrings were covered, embroidered and beaded.  This was by far my favorite part of the project.

You can see the plans I drew up for the embroidery and beading pattern below.

I decided, as with the tassel,  I padded the knots at the ends with some batting.

Then I took my little pattern I came up with and traced it on transparency paper with a Sharpie.

I did it twice, one for each knot.

I took two small squares of the dark purple satin and hand hemmed the edges.  I chose not to put any stabilizer behind these pieces because I was worried about it being too bulky.

I was wary of drawing the pattern on the satin for me to follow when I had to embroider.  You could always use another method if you wish, but I didn't want to play around with transfer paper or the washable pencils/markers.

 I pinned my transparency patterns to my squares.

 I ran basting stitches along the lines.

Once finished with that, I tore away the transparency paper VERY carefully and used the basting stitches as my embroidery guide.

For the flower design I decided to chain stitch in DMC E436 (Light Effects Golden Oak). 

In the center of the flower, I stitched a star using straight stitches with DMC E301 (Light Effects Copper).  

In the center of each flower petal I sewed a small grey bead.

Here is what one of the squares looked like after the embroidery.

After I finished both squares I then wrapped them around the padded knots at the end of the drawstrings.  

I sewed the squares securely around the base of the knot.  Then I trimmed off any excess fabric.  

To cover the ends, I stitched two rows of grey beads at the base of each knot.

Then I made one final knot at the base of the grey beaded rows.

I love how they turned out!


Opening of the bag

The last part!  Are you excited?

The final part of embroidery I decided to do ( again after doing a final viewing of the Noble Collection bag) was to whipstitch in the DMC 809 (Delft Blue) around the opening of the bag.  then I decided to whipstitch in the opposite direction with my black and gold thread combination.

Gutermann metallic thread 9990 (Gold)
Gutermann metallic thread 1000 (Black)

I tried to make it look interesting by alternating going over the existing blue whipstitch, and then going under it.  Occasionally, I would also thread a grey bead onto my black/gold thread and stitch that onto the edge as well.

Here are a couple of photos of the opening of the bag.

Can you believe it?!  That's it!  

We're done!  

The following post will be photos of the finished bag in all its glory.

Want to go back and see everything that went into this bag?  


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