halloween 2015 - teen titans go

 My goodness, has it been a year since I've had a chance to update this blog?

My sincerest apologies.

Well, since my last post, I've had a baby, sold a home, bought a home and moved in.  Basically its been a day to day process of making the new place livable, unpacking boxes, still searching for items and dealing with a newborn.

The newborn in now a precocious 1 year old who has an abundance of energy -wish I could bottle that - so most thing have been put aside because I focus most of my time on him and my 6 year old.  

So these next few posts will just be recaps of the few crafts I've been able to squeeze in since the previous post.

With Halloween of last year, my daughter came to me with a request.  Her newest favorite TV show is Teen Titans Go! on Cartoon Network.

She asked me to make her and her brother costumes from the show.

She requested to be Raven.  See reference photos below.

She asked that I make her baby brother a Beast Boy costume.

I also decided to make Raven's spell book for my daughter out of a hollow paper mache book, so she could collect her Halloween candy in it.

Here is what I came up with.


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